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Најчесто поставувани прашања:
What is Arendoo? 
Arendoo is a peer-to-peer platform which allows property owners, that want to list their properties for short rentals, to contact directly the traveler and Arendoo receives commission for each booking.
Who can advertise with Arendoo? 
Arendoo works with any property suitable for short term rentals. You can list your beach villas, hotel, apartment or even your boat.
Can I upload more than one property on Arendoo? 
There is no limit on the number of properties you wish to upload on Arendoo. You just have to register an owners account and upload as many properties as you wish.
Are there any restrictions on the location of the property? 
There is no restrictions for the location of the property. Arendoo is available for more than 20 countries.
When do I get the payments for bookings through Arendoo? 
Arendoo offers various payment options between owners and guests. Generally, in order to book, tenants pay a deposit. The deposit is securely kept in E-wallets and made available to the owner 24 hours after the check in.
What happens when someone wants to book my property? 
Arendoo offers two ways to book a property: instant booking and booking request. If you choose the instant booking option, the tenants can book and pay the deposit anytime as long as dates in your calendar are available. If you choose the booking request option, the clients will send requests to book your property and you will be able to accept or decline them. The tenants will be able to book and pay the deposit only after you have accepted their booking request.
Can I contact the tenants directly? 
Owners and tenants can communicate directly using the Arendoo chat system at any time during the booking process.
Can I advertise through different channels or Arendoo requires exclusivity? 
Arendoo does not require exclusivity, you are free to advertise your properties through any channel you wish.